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Our Big Helper nick-named "Henry" is a turf friendly, zero-turn, material loader that my Uncle Phil invented a little over 3 years ago. When he invented the Little Helper Cart almost 15 years ago, hauling out the material became a sought-after task instead of a chorus of moans from the groundies. It almost felt like Uncle Phil was the first to invent the wheel, and we were the crew blessed with that invention.


With the Big Helper, Uncle Phil, along with a few other co-inventors, has legitimately reinvented that wheel in our line of work. Originally, we would send 5-7 guys out for an all-day removal of a large tree, even with the Little Helper Cart. One cutter, one rope man, and everyone else pulling brush for a long hard haul to the chipper. With the Big Helper "Henry", we now run 3-man teams. One cutter, one rope man/ brush stacker, and one Henry Operator.


Loading out logs from the tree base to the truck? Get the Big Helper. Brush piles to chip? The Big Helper hauls them from the tree right to the chipper, where the operator can feed the brush and operate the feed wheels from the safety of the chariot. Stumps, Fence posts, Basketball Goals to pull? Grab the Big Helper. Pallets of whatever your industry fancies, within weight limitations of course? You guessed it, throw the forks on and grab the Big Helper. Stump Grindings and Mulch need to be moved? Throw on the three point bucket and off you go!


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SKU: HEN1900
  • Over the last 4 years, we have put our prototypes through a wide range of conditions and numerous different load applications. As of October 2019, the Big Helper Henry is ready to be sent out to your crew to help you all change the game as we have experienced so far. 

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